Communicate as a Student

The student-teacher communication feature allows Students to raise doubts and get appropriate feedback from the Course Instructor/s at any time in their learning process.

Follow the steps as mentioned to experience the Student Communication Feature,

1 First click on the link below to log in as a student and raise a doubt.

Raising a doubt
Raising a doubt

2 You will see two icons on this page, the one at the bottom is the chat icon from where students can raise doubts they have and the one at the top is where students can check their ongoing conversations.

3 Click on the Chat Icon to Raise a Doubt and configure the fields before typing the message.

First click
Second click
Instructor Buddypress Inbox

4 Once the doubt is raised, the Instructor will receive the message in their BuddyPress Profile Page > Inbox. Check this out.

5 Click on the unread message and reply to the LearnerΓÇÖs message and hit send. The Learner will see a notification on the chat icon once the Instructor has replied to the query.

Viewing/Reply to instructor reply

Students/Learners can raise doubts on various lessons/topics and can get valuable feedback in order to experience a seamless learning process.

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